LunchDirect for Schools

Schools and educators have a lot on their plate. Supplying young minds with the knowledge they need for their future is a lot of work. LunchDirect is here to help! You feed their minds, while we feed their bellies.

Lunch Direct offers the following:
  • Adds a valuable, competitive, exclusive amenity to schools within their communities at no cost to the school.
  • Combines the assurance of homemade lunch nutrition with the ease of online ordering and delivery.
  • Eliminates the need and cost of an on-site kitchen facility.
  • Provides an automated service which requires minimal training and involvement of school administration.
We partner with the best caterers nationwide to provide affordable, fresh, and nutritious school lunches. To do so, we utilize our specialized technology, coupled with old-fashioned dedication to quality. Our caterers adhere to the strictest food preparation and nutrition guidelines. They employ nutritionists who understand the needs of growing bodies and minds, while also understand the demands of scheduling and delivery. This commitment to consistency in the quality of our school lunch program has become the trademark that our family of customers has learned to trust and is the cornerstone of our company philosophy. It is because of this expectation of quality that many schools have chosen LunchDirect to be the exclusive provider for their school lunch program.

LunchDirect also empowers busy parents with the ability to ensure nutritionally balanced meals will be lovingly selected from home and sent to their child at school.

First introduced to select markets in 2008, LunchDirect has proudly served over 2,000,000 meals and expanded to school systems all over the nation.
To learn more about joining the LunchDirect family, call (678) 353-3267.